Tuesday, February 20, 2018
  • House Guests?

    Call us for immediate removal and cleanup. Many situations involving Nuisance Wildlife are covered by Homeowners or Property Insurance. We help with the process if applicable.
  • My Dad does the tough jobs!

    My dad and his crew do the tough jobs so you don't have to. They come in and remove your pests and then clean up so good you will never know you had a problem.
  • America's Most UN-Wanted

    TKO Home Services offer assistance in many areas and many animal species. Whether you need a chimney capped, a deck animal proofed, or an inspection to help decide if your home is safe from wildlife. Our technicians can also give you free advice on how you as a homeowner may prevent animal entry to your home. Our Animal Damage Control Team has worked with Insurance companies for 20 years. We are familiar with removal of contaminated insulation, as well as replacement of new materials. Offering disinfecting and deodorizing, with the most natural sprays possible.

    Our services do not only consist of removing ALL types of wildlife and stinging insects, but offering animal proofing to eliminate the problem from happening again. Offering deck screenings, chimney caps, vent covers, etc. We work with many Villages and State Agencies because we are properly trained and educated. Meaning we give YOU, the client, the best service possible!
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TKO Home Services

Tom Coyote

We specialize in Trapping or rescue of wild animals that end up on or in someones home.

We also take care of repairing damages done by the animal as well as performing preventable maintenance procedures to home to ensure that the animals don't return. Tom Welsh owner has been in business since 1989. Tom is a avid outdoors man and knows wild animal behavior and uses old and new techniques to solve each and every problem individually. TKO Home services also performs complete remediation to areas contaminated by animals. Some wild animals have 15 known diseases transferable to man.  They also leave a pheromone imprint in areas such as attics or crawl spaces that makes them and other animals of there species want to reenter and take up residence. We service all West and Southwest Suburbs in the Greater Chicagoland Area. TKO Home Services 630-675-8858 Tom Welsh.

TKO Home Services are a full service General Contractor that can handle all your home repair or remolding needs.

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Decks
  • Brick Pavers
  • Basements

Additional Services

Thorough Inspections • Animal Removal by Hand • Wildlife Barriers/ Fencing •  Custom Screening  • Screening Guards • Attic Fan Guards • Attic Fans Installed. • Dead Animal • Skunk Odor Control • Soiled Insulation Replacement • Property Management Animal Programs